Brief: Why This Blog

Why am I starting this blog? In the spirit of Seth Godin’s recent Just One Post I am trying to add just a little bit to the Internet’s fossil record.

I started this blog to focus on the tech industry, entrepreneurship, and business. I want to challenge myself to form stronger opinions and arguments, then share them with a larger community. I am humbled by the quality of some of the blogs I read. I want to develop my ability to communicate at their heightened level.

Soon, I will be moving my content to a permanent home at to a hosted WordPress installation. I am not going to invest much time in developing content (outside of writing posts!) in this temporary situation but I will sport a more complete site once I have my production box up and running. I’m just waiting for some new hardware.

Anyway, stay tuned. More to come shortly.


2 responses to “Brief: Why This Blog

  1. She had goatee on herself fountaining that I was patrolling her.

  2. по моему мнению: бесподобно.

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