Twitter to gain a voice with TwitterGram

I’m late to the Twitter game but still find this interesting.

Dave Winer has decided to bring voicemail to the internet, soon to be tied into the popular microblogging service. What he calls a TwitterGram will send a tweet with an URL to a 200K audio file. Good for the twittering while driving, updates that require more than 160 characters, sharing a song (at a concert), etc…

His rationale is that Twitter is to a blog what a TwitterGram is to podcasting.

A web-service should be up shortly at I expect that it will gain traction but shouldn’t come nearly as large tweets for normal users. This is a niche service. Twitter is for short, to the point messages. This really caters to efficient text-based communication that is good for mobile users and parsing/aggregating computers.

To align with the update-anywhere Twitter model, a killer TwitterGram service would also have a voicemail box where a user is recognized by their incoming phone number and the recorded message is sent in as tweet. Although, then you are getting into Jott’s space.


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