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Finally moving to!

I have moved my site to a privately hosted version of WordPress to be found at

Content has been slow lately but I have been taking some personal time off to enjoy my last weeks of vacation before I start up at Big Blue.  I will be writing shortly over at  I have moved all of the content from this temporary site to the new location for legacy consumption and linking.

Update your RSS reader with the new feed here.

Also, be sure to check out my more personal musings at (or grab the feed here).


Brief: Why This Blog

Why am I starting this blog? In the spirit of Seth Godin’s recent Just One Post I am trying to add just a little bit to the Internet’s fossil record.

I started this blog to focus on the tech industry, entrepreneurship, and business. I want to challenge myself to form stronger opinions and arguments, then share them with a larger community. I am humbled by the quality of some of the blogs I read. I want to develop my ability to communicate at their heightened level.

Soon, I will be moving my content to a permanent home at to a hosted WordPress installation. I am not going to invest much time in developing content (outside of writing posts!) in this temporary situation but I will sport a more complete site once I have my production box up and running. I’m just waiting for some new hardware.

Anyway, stay tuned. More to come shortly.